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Slapthemarket is a training portal for all types of day trading and traders. We offer day trading courses to beginners, advanced and intermediate traders. So, if you are looking for training Course(s), Training Classes, Coaching or a Trading Room, your search ends here. We are a one stop solution for learning day trading whether it is forex trading, stock trading, binary options trading or futures trading.

Become an expert trader with our coaching

Slapthemarket offers effective coaching that guides traders how they can succeed in the trading market. We help traders to learn basic and advanced trading tips, day trading techniques and much more to become an expert trader. We tell you why and how you must take informed trading decisions after weighing the pros and cons of every market situation patiently. Through our training classes, you will also learn about trading rules and risks associated with over confidence or taking uninformed decisions. Our professional training for traders with varying levels of knowledge and from all walks of life is aimed at making traders well-equipped to taste trading success.

Personalized attention and ready trading rooms

Our trading experts offer personalized attention during day trading classes where we educate interested traders about stocks, futures, forex and options markets. Being in the trading industry for years, we are not only thoroughly skilled but also have the required trading tools and resources to help you decide better. Whether you are a new trader or an expert, you are sure to benefit from our training classes. For successful online day trading, we have in place Stocks Trading Room, Forex Trading Room, Binary Options Trading Room and Futures Trading Room that helps you get trading signals as you trade during the day. Our mentors have years of experience in trading offering immense day trading benefits to traders. Trading Room trials are also provided. So, our trading rooms are the ultimate destination for day trading online.

Stock Trading Coaching and Stock Trading Rooms

We have expert stock traders, who will guide you and train you for trading with confidence in NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stock markets. If you want to become a successful trader, sign up for our stock trading courses. Our stock trading coaching will help you master stock trading strategies to help you become a successful trader within a short span of time. Our moderators in stock trading rooms offer real-time stock trading calls so that you don’t go wrong. We also offer live stock trading news about U.S. Stock Markets, the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In our stock trading rooms, you will have a rewarding day trading experience. Sign up now to access our stock trading room!

Forex Trading Coaching and Forex Trading Rooms

The Forex market is the largest market in the world. Like other trading markets, market situation in forex market can change quickly, so the traders need to stay abreast of market news and have effective support as they trade. We offer you all-inclusive forex coaching that will help you build a solid foundation. We save you from expensive learning curve as there are several junk trading courses available. Furthermore, our experienced moderators in the Forex Trading Room take decisions by analyzing the market action. You can also know about the performance of our moderators on a regular basis to know how good or bad their trading decisions were. We promise you will be impressed every time you view their performance reports. Join us to access our forex trading room!

Futures Trading Coaching and Futures Trading Rooms

Looking to do online trading in the Futures market? If yes, look no further. We offer complete futures trading courses where you will learn special nuances of trading futures whether it is Equity Index Futures, Commodity Futures or Forex Futures, etc. With our future trading coaching, we help traders gain a strategic advantage over other traders through our well chalked out future trading training classes and live market trading sessions. When done right you can reap excellent profits by trading futures. Moreover, whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, you are sure to benefit from our Future Trading Room where our mentors remain focused throughout as they do online trading. Sign up for Slapthemarket future training classes and futures trading room today!

Binary Options Trading Coaching and Options Trading Rooms

Trading binary options can yield great returns provided you know how to handle the volatility of options trading. This trading of extreme possibilities can help you earn significant sums even with small investment. This is a powerful trading avenue for making huge profits if you learn managing risks wisely. For this right training courses are needed. Thanks to technology, learning how to trade options have become so easy. At Slapthemarket, we have options traders who bring years of experience to options trading trainings. With our comprehensive option trading courses, you will learn everything from basic options trading terminologies and trading strategies to managing risks and developing your own trading rules. With us you will learn all the skills that you will need to enjoy a steady income through options trading. You can also take advantage of our Options Trading Room where real-time options calls are provided by our mentors. Join us and learn options trading like the pros in our options trading room!